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Proudly Canadian Since 2020

Super Savings Technologies Co.,LTD Is a Regina, Saskatchewan based E-commerce store selling smartphone accessories, phone cases, screen protectors, as well as other eseential mobile accessories at great low prices with best quality products!

We do also carrying popular market brands such as Apple and Otterboxes!

We aim to offer our customers the best and easygoing online shopping experience for their mobile needs! We are proudly Canadian since 2020!

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Customers will always be our Priority!

As the numbers of cellphone users rising dramatically with possibilities of upgrades and downgrades, we recognizes the importance for our customers to be finding the best fit accessories for their newer and older devices at affordable prices with market-exceeding qualities!

All our products came from some of our great suppliers in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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customer care
customer service

We Deliver Products with Love and Care!

At Super Savings Technologies, we will deliver not just your dream products, but also with full care and warm welcomes from our team members and crews! We greatly appreciate you as being not just as a customer to us, but also as a family member!

For all our customers who shop with us, we greatly appreciate your support of our E-commerce store and hope to serve you better in the long run! We are proud to serve you as we always do! 

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What make us Unique?

Quality Products- Customer Satisfaction- Selection of Choices-  Availability of Products- 100% Money-Back Guarantee- Uniqueness in Designs- Latest Style Updates- Best-Fit Accessories- Direct-Replacement Products- Price Match Incentives- Below Market Pricing

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uniqueness in brands
unique products

Unique Designs

Your search for unique, one-of-a-kind accessories ends here! We do offer many available colors, collections, styles available for all our customers to pickand choose from! The uniqueness of our products is what our customer really appreciates! 

high quality products

High Quality Products

All of our products are of the best quality compared to our market competitors to ensure customers receive the best purchases and quality protections for all their devices! If there are any concerns for quality, we will accept returns, exchanges, or direct replacements for customers. 

many selections

Many Choices Available

We offer a whole selection of choices available for our customers to pick and choose from for their favorite mobile devices with different collections and styles! We will also assure that customers will find what they need to purchase!

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